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OOA Equipment & Accessories

Our philosophy at Old Orchard Aquarium is to provide our friends and customers with the most positive shopping experience possible. In order to achieve this goal, we must align ourselves with vendors (manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers) who share this philosophy. We select vendors who support us and our customers. In many cases we are approved, by the manufacturer, to provide “Factory Authorized Warranty”. This means you can bring your defective or broken equipment to be repaired on sight, eliminating the necessity to ship and wait for repairs. Also in many situations, we can provide replacements for defective merchandise on the spot. We also can bring in defective merchandise to one vendor for a one-day turn around repair or replace.

Before being offered for sale, we test equipment, food, lighting, supplements, etc. before incorporation into our inventory. If it doesn’t work here, we normally do not sell it….. unless requested by a specific customer. Our mutual goal is the ultimate success of our customers’ aquariums. There are many paths to take for that success, some differing from our recommendations. Therefore, if it is not a product we incorporate in our daily regimen but it works for you, and we can get it, we will stock the product.

In order to maintain cost control we are always looking to streamline the supply chain thereby maximizing logistical efficiencies. We work hard to purchase products at the best possible price to pass on the savings to the consumer and remain competitive.

Our ultimate challenge is to provide a One Stop Shop. You can walk in to the store today and walk out with a complete fresh water or salt water aquarium set up, ready to immediately introduce fish. We stock a full plumbing department, backgrounds, gravel, decorations, filters, pumps, lighting, salt…..everything to get started and supported with a full array of replacement consumables. We pay close attention to product integration. Everything works together i.e. Metric vs. US Weights and Measures. In other words, the equipment all properly fits together and efficiently works together. We strive for 100% in stock efficiency.

We are not satisfied until we fool our fish into thinking they are in their natural habitat.