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OOA Food

Frozen fish food is one of the best forms of nutrition for all types of captive fish and aquatic creatures. The freezing process eliminates potential parasites and diseases often associated with live foods. Frozen foods have an advantage over flake and freeze-dried foods that will loose some of their nutritional value during processing and as they age. Frozen food is typically sold in blister packs, compressed blocks and compressed flat packs. Blister packs are similar to ice cube trays that allow you to pop out small portions without having to thaw the whole package. Many are combination packs to add variety. Flat and block packs require portions to be cut or broken off thereby targeting a more precise portion control. Many frozen foods are infused with vitamins, unsaturated fats, amino acids, proteins, color boosters and appetite enhancers. Some are flash frozen when harvested while others are gel-bound preventing particulate break up when thawed. The formulations also target different feeding requirements such as herbivorous and carnivorous. Frozen foods also contain essential specific ingredients exclusively consumed by certain species. Saltwater Angels need sponge and Saltwater Tangs need algae in their diets to prosper. More natural food also reduces harmful and excess waste helping to reduce the filter’s bio-load. Before being offered for sale, we test our foods to ensure quality, palatability, cleanliness and digestibility. We avoid concoctions made in someone’s basement that lack consistency in formulation.

Brands Carried: San Francisco Bay Brand™, Ocean Nutrition™, Piscine Energetics Inc., CYCLOP-EEZE®, Hikari®, LifeLine™.

Refrigerated Brands Carried: Reef Nutrition™ Marine Live Feeds