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OOA Fresh Water Fish

We recently converted our main freshwater system from a closed loop circulation system to an automatic water change individualized system. It was our most comprehensive and challenging project to date. Each day, the water in each aquarium is programmed to get flushed a minimum of two times, very similar to our 800 gallon acclimation system that we installed three years ago. The acclimation system was so successful regarding fish health we realized it was necessary to convert the main system.

The benefits of this new system are:

  • No more cross contamination of harmful parasites, bacteria, fungus as each tank is separated from one another
  • Less use of medication since we can now target individual tanks
  • Eliminate double acclimation of imported fish stored in our acclimation tanks
  • Even better water quality
  • More water flow
  • Larger variety of fish as we have more specific control of things like temperature and flow
  • Larger fish capacity, if needed
  • Reduction in labor overhead, fish loss results in lower fish cost