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Since 1991, we have been at our current location as a “full line retail aquatic pet store”. 175 display tanks comprise 2000 gallons of salt water, 2500 gallons of coral reef and 2700 gallons of tropical fresh water. We feature a 600-gallon look down reef and a 2000-gallon shark pond. With a combined 55+ years of fish-keeping experience, we have been awarded certification as a “Tetra Certified Retailer” and a “Marineland “A” Account”. We are the only "Seachem Platinum Select Dealer" in Illinois. We are also a member of Nexpet®, a national group of independent pet retailers.

OOA Team


We focus exclusively on aquatic pets. We are continually trying to learn more about the aquarium trade to pass on our knowledge to our customer base. We have an extensive training program for our staff members. We send our people to schools and seminars to further their skill sets relating to our business. We request training assistance from our vendors to educate the staff on what their products do and how to properly sell their products.

We have a store that is stocked full of merchandise. Our goal is 100% in stock efficiency, which allows for one stop shopping for all aquatic needs.

We work hard on securing unique products available only from us to set us apart from our competition. We constantly look for new and proprietary sources for livestock and dry goods that will assist our customer base in setting up and keeping a successful aquatic environment.

Old Orchard Aquarium is very happy to announce the hiring of two very talented people.

Brandon (Brad) Majewski has joined us with over ten years experience in the aquatics industry. Brandon is an encyclopedia of knowledge and experience, especially in the reef and saltwater arena. As knowledgeable as he is, he continues to endeavor to learn more and get better at his trade. A true professional, he shares his experience with our customers and co­workers. An avid golfer, Brandon is a long suffering Detroit Lions fan. Brandon is going to spend most of his time servicing aquariums in homes and commercial accounts. He would be happy to service your tank. Just let us know before his schedule gets too filled.

Coming in out of the warmth and back to the Chicago area, Sarah Rodeghero is a recent Marine Biology graduate of The University of Hawaii at Manoa. While there, she earned a spot in a research­focused course conducted at the Hawai’i Institute of Marine Biology (HIMB) on Coconut Island (you’ve all seen this place if you’ve ever watched the opening credits of Gilligan’s Island). The research team surveyed coral reefs in Kaneohe Bay, Oahu, to determine species concentration, and also conducted surveys using transects to examine rugosity, salinity and water flow. Sarah was selected from a team of 12 interns to conduct genetic testing on species of concern as identified by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

Sarah says she is excited and fortunate to have found work in a retail setting that is as ethical and serious about the treatment of wildlife as the university’s research culture.




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