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OOA Plants

Looking for the most natural and peaceful aquascape? The planted aquarium can resemble the most realistic recreation of a native indigenous setting. The subtle colors incorporate a complete ecosystem cycle, in a diverse, fresh water setting. Live plants photosynthetically absorb carbon dioxide and give off oxygen. The roots absorb organic, decomposing fish and animal waste thereby completing the life cycle.

Of course, water conditions must remain pristine and the ratio of fish to plant must be considered when determining the success of such an environment. Many times help is needed using Seachem® fertilizers and supplements. Proper lighting is also critical when establishing a planted aquarium.

Our planted tank specialists can assist in matching your skill level with the appropriate equipment and livestock. Some of the fish selections for planted aquariums are more delicate and need to be placed in the correct setting. Additionally, plants vary in their light requirements. Some require extremely bright intensities while others thrive in lower light settings….all things we can assist with.

A properly established planted aquarium is environmentally self-sustaining. Fish can breed and plants will grow harmoniously with the ecosystem “adding” rather than “subtracting” from nature.