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Service Options

Scheduled Aquarium Service

  • Pay as you go

  • Weekly or Monthly

  • Fresh Water, Salt Water, Reef

Guaranteed Maintenance Service

    • Monthly Invoice

    • Service Peg

    • Livestock Health Guarantee

    • Fresh Water, Salt Water, Reef

Full Service Aquarium Lease

    • Includes Aquarium and Equipment

    • Monthly Invoice

    • Service Peg

    • Livestock Health Guarantee

    • Livestock Exchange

    • Fresh Water, Salt Water, Reef

Key Benefits

    • Provide a quality aquatic environment suitable to sustain a healthy ecosystem

    • Living Artistic display

    • Reduced management time regarding aquarium upkeep

    • Proper management of livestock to create peaceful community

    • Efficient yet thorough cleaning and maintenance might allow for reducing total economic budget allocated for aquarium maintenance

    • Predictable budget

    • Our retail store is conveniently located to allow you to select your own livestock and supplies if so desired

    • Emergency Services Included

    • Insured

Services Provided by Old Orchard Aquarium

    • Test water chemistry

    • Siphon appropriate volume of water and replace with de-chlorinated salt water.

    • Remove algae from walls and decorations

    • Service and maintain power plant

    • Replace filter pads and chemical filters as required

    • Inventory and replace supplies, food and medications as necessary

    • Analyze fish health

    • Wipe down tank and surrounding area.

Customer Requirements

  • Feed Fish (Please do not overfeed!)

  • Top off evaporated water

  • Remove dead livestock as soon as discovered

  • Communicate

*services available to residents of the Chicagoland area and surrounding suburbs


Information Request Form