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OOA Tanks

In our business, it all starts with the aquarium. Some aquariums are designed for beginners and some for advanced fish keepers. Some are primarily used for salt water and some are better suited for fresh water. Aquarium designs are incorporated with high-end furniture while others sit on angle iron stands. We can customize an aquatic environment or provide an all-inclusive “Box Kit” that includes virtually “everything but the fish”. Our goal is to match the proper “aquarium set up” with the skill set, budget and expectation of our customer base.

  • Custom Design – consultative collaboration with architects and builders can proactively install life support systems along with safety “fail safe” apparatus, especially in new construction. It is more efficient and cost effective to implement a plan in the beginning stages of design and construction.

    We can customize either acrylic or glass aquariums to your specification along with the associated life support system.

  • Showroom – aquariums for sale in our Showroom are specially purchased when promoted by our manufacturers and are normally priced 30% below average retail. We have one of the largest inventories of aquariums on display for sale. We receive multiple deliveries every week from our distributors and usually accommodate special, pre made, glass orders within one week.


Brands represented:

Aqueon (All Glass), Perfecto (Marineland), Innovative Plastics, Inc. (Acrylic), JBJ Nano Cube, Dallas Aquarium & Pond